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We are delighted to have you as a member of Gregory’s Academy. We’d now like to invite you to read the various sections presented below. This will help you to navigate the teaching platform quickly and easily.

This information includes the presentation of relevant sections and the information you will need to guide you through your platform experience.

Enjoy practicing!

Gregory’s Academy Team


With the exception of guitar and singing lessons, our adult programs consist of 20 X 12-lesson modules, each lasting approximately 10 minutes. We also offer children’s courses (5 to 12 years-old) made up of 10 X 12-lesson modules.

The Platform

Among other features, the platform gives you access to all your program modules. The lessons making up each module are introduced at the rate of one capsule per day (6 lessons per week). The menu includes a record of virtual meetings, bonus material, “good to know” information, and the music scores.

“Good to know” capsules and bonus material 

It’s always a great idea to consult the “Good to Know” capsules before starting your lessons. They will give you plenty of useful tips that will help you to start your program off right. Bonus material is also available in the platform menu, which will help greatly when it comes to you expanding your musical knowledge.


Virtual Meetings

Take full advantage of privileged moments in the company of Gregory Charles to ask him questions relating to concepts learned during your course. If you can’t attend the virtual meeting, a recording will be available 24 to 48 hours after its broadcast via the virtual meetings tab in the plateform menu.

We look forward to getting together with seeing you!

The Discussion Forum

To access the discussion forum, click on the "discussion" section in the platform menu. 

A bit like on the Facebook platform, you will then see your fellow Academicians’ posts.

We encourage exchanges between students. This is why we will only intervene in discussions where we deem it appropriate to do so. For any specific request to the Gregory Academy team, please write to info@academiegregory.com 

In closing, we would like to remind you that the forum is a friendly, healthy and honest space. Gregory’s Academy team reserves the right to withdraw any comments deemed inappropriate or disrespectful.

Have a fun exchange!

Technical Problems?

Consult our technical help page to resolve any problem related to viewing capsules, sound or image quality, or to adjust the speed at which the capsule is played.

Questions and Comments

You will find answers to many of your questions in the FAQ section of the Gregory ‘s Academy website.

However, if you do not find a satisfactory answer to your question, or wish to send us a comment, write to us at info@academiegregory.com.