Technical Problems?

  • Viewing the videos in full screen mode.

    To view a video full screen, change the image quality, etc.; place your mouse pointer on the video screen.

    A navigation bar (blue) will appear at the bottom of the screen. If it doesn't appear at the bottom of the screen, scroll down to the bottom of the window. Please note that browser types do not all react in the same way. To view the video in full screen mode, click the button on the far right of the navigation bar.

  • Adjusting image and sound quality.

    To change the image quality, click on the wheel in the navigation bar. In the navigation bar wheel, you will see the words "Speed" and "Quality". Click on "Quality" in order to access the image quality parameters. Now choose the resolution you want. The lower the value, the lower the resolution.

  • Adjusting video speed.

    To change the video speed (to increase or decrease the speed), click on the wheel in the navigation bar. Then press the word "Speed" and select the desired playback speed.

  • Adjusting the volume.

    To increase or decrease the video’s volume, tap the megaphone icon. You can now adjust the sound to your liking by dragging the slider from bottom to top.

  • A blank page appears without any content.

    If a blank page appears when you try to access the teaching platform, we suggest you use a different browser. For example, if you are using "Safari" and have problems accessing the platform, try "Google Chrome" instead.

  • A black screen appears when watching a video.

    If you want to replay a video you've already watched, a black screen may appear. If this happens, just drag your mouse over the slider on the video scroll bar and go back to the start of the video.

  • The image or sound is out of sync.

    The main cause of image and/or sound lag is a poor Internet connection. Try changing the image quality using the following procedure:

    1. Pause the video;
    2. Click on the small wheel at the bottom right of the video’s blue navigation bar;
    3. Click on “Quality”;
    4. Click on 226p or 360p;
    5. Click PLAY.

    The same solution can be applied if the video is loading too slowly (a white triangle appears in the middle of the screen), as a bad Internet connection can also be the cause of this problem.

  • The virtual meeting will not start.

    If you connect to the meeting during the scheduled time and it does not appear, try refreshing your page or access the meeting using the Google Chrome.

  • The day’s lesson does not appear.

    When the platform has been open for a long time in the Internet browser, it will not automatically download new content. So, if a video has been added since the opening of the browser page, you simply need to refresh the page. The lesson should then appear automatically.